Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drive By Collection

Over the course of the past several years in looking through atlases on a daily basis, I've become aware of the sheer number of towns with funny names... some even have an interesting history to go along with them. One that sticks out in my memory is Utopia, a ghost town after the Ohio river flooded and wiped out a majority of the population in 1847.

In all my traveling this summer, I began to take notice of interesting road signs and started a collection... here are some of the highlights.

Hungry Mother State Park, Virginia
Maybe a good spot for a camping trip? Why do I imagine wild starved mother bears?

Bloody Basin Rd in Mayer, Arizona... a road I think I'll avoid.

I'll avoid the Horsethief as well...

Bumble Bee, Arizona (now a ghost town) and Crown King, Arizona a 'living' ghost town where over $2,000,000 in gold was extracted from the Crowned King mine back in the gold rush era, and the saloon was carried in by mule back from a neighboring mining town. services?

And my favorite... Bland, Virginia.
For some reason, taking this exit didn't seem all that appealing.

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Anonymous said...

Bland, VA is beautiful! Sad name, but a wonderful town. :)