Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

a different perspective.

I recently treated myself to one of Edward Tufte's beautiful hardbound books about information design. Envisioning Information is just a visually astounding book in general, but seems to be written specifically for the way that I think about statistics and language. I've only skimmed the books illustrations and diagrams and read the first few chapters, but I can tell this is going to become a standby reference.

In the vein of aerial photography, satellite imagery, and the recent show I had at the Ohio Art League gallery that was themed around mapping... and a wonderful commission of map pendants for a suite of bridesmaids, I've had maps on my mind incessantly for the past month or so.

What is a map but a document of something that is constantly changing? It is so temporal.

I've been playing with Google street recently, and fascinated by the moment in time that was captured as the camera traveled along the streets of San Francisco. This takes mapping to an entirely new level. An intimacy and voyeurism unlike any other type of mapping. People can be seen at several different points in their bike commute to work depending on the speed at which each was traveling. A man hailing a cab. A woman taking her dog for a walk. A street fight. A fire truck on its way to an emergency. Building construction and demolition. Time seems to have paused... at least until new photographs have been made to represent the same location.

Geographic maps and aerial photography however, look at something from far above...erasing the minutiae of reality that can be seen at surface level. Does that make it closer to fiction, or more documentary?

This summer I flew to the Bay area of California, and was fortunate enough to get a window seat on a day with clear skies. I spent most of the flight documenting the landscape across the country from my tiny window. Later this week I'll be making the same flight for the second time, it should be interesting to see how the season change has effected the landscape, and if I can recognize the same landmarks this time. There is something that is magical about flying and traveling thousands of feet above what is so familiar to us. A temporary removal from the minutiae to gain a new perspective...

Monday, January 21, 2008

trends in mapping

Camouflage class in New York University, where men and women are preparing for jobs in the Army or in industry, New York, N.Y. They make models from aerial photographs, re-photograph them, then work out a camouflage scheme and make a final photograph (LOC
Originally uploaded by The Library of Congress

Much of my current body of artwork is inspired by or references maps in some way... literal, or just as a visual organization of information.

Anytime i find references to aerial photos or satellite images, my heart goes pitter patter... there is just *something* in seeing our daily life from above like an ant farm.

In my recent discovery of the Library of Congress' Flickr account, i found this treasure taken in 1943 by Marjory Collins.

I have a feeling that perusing this growing collection of photos is going to be a new hobby of mine along with one of my all time favorites googlesightseeing!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

new necklace in the shop!

Sterling silver, vintage glass, and black stone... brand new, available now in the shop!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

new years resolutions... underway

In lieu of posting my New Year's resolutions on January 1, only to be let down that I broke them already by the 3rd, I am posting them now, that they are fully underway! Proud to say that they are all still in tact!
#1 : I am by no means a domestic goddess, or remotely resemble June Cleaver, but I revel in the moments that my house and my studio are well organized. Not always an easy task for a self employed single parent, when I am constantly trying to stay on top of the daily to do list. I just found this list of 31 simple tasks in Real Simple mag online. I don't know that I am going to hang lint rollers by each of my doors as it suggests, but there are some really great simple tasks that would make things run a little smoother in the daily grind. Some of which I have already done this year!

#2: I made a rather lengthy list of all my goals for the year, small and large... many of which you will see in my etsy shop as well as in some other upcoming collaborations with Aline. Keep your eyes open this year with some developments of other really exciting art ventures in Columbus Ohio... they are all so new, that I can't divulge any secrets yet! :) I assure you, they will all be spectacular!!!

#3: Thanks to Emily, for recommending the wonderful gift package from Equivita that I won in a silent auction this past fall at Agora. In my resolution for wellness and fitness, this was the perfect kick off to get myself on the right track! I went in for the 5 Keys Fitness Assessment, and a deep tissue massage that worked out a lot of the knots and tightness that have developed in the hours spent at the workbench and on my computer. I am feeling better already, and will be going back this week to meet with a personal trainer for my individual fitness plan. Once I figure out what I need to be working on, I am committing to continue with some regularity!

Almost through week two of 2008, only 50 weeks to keep all this up! Cheers and best wishes to all of you for the New Year! May 2008 be the best yet!

Monday, January 7, 2008

etsy gift guide

Made for comfort, the Modern Square Inline ring is currently featured in the Etsy Gift Guide for 'Significant Other Male'

These can be made custom to your sizing needs... plan ahead for your special occasion!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ohio Art League Reception Tonight!

Come on out tonight to the Ohio Art League Gallery from 6-9 during gallery hop in the lovely Short North district of Columbus Ohio!

The exhibit is Systematic Layers, a show featuring the work of myself, Susan Li OConnor and Michael Litzau.

I have several new pieces of artwork on exhibit including the newest piece, a ring titled Forever...?
Sterling silver, Vellum, Epoxy Resin
The vellum 'diamond' is adorned with a clear resin depiction of the world... you can see North America and the northern part of South America in the photo above.