Saturday, March 8, 2008

winter hibernation

as quiet as my blog has been, it appears i have been hibernating this winter. in reality, i have been stocking up on inventory in preparation for summer... kind of backwards from a bear's instinct, i know.

well, i can't deny that i've been napping as much as possible, waiting for the sun to show it's face again.

we once again are snowed in, reminding me of 'real' winter, as i once knew as a kid in northern minnesota.

we had an ohio blizzard today. entirely different than a minnesota blizzard.

this was the most sleet-and-ice-free snow i've seen in columbus (i didn't know it was possible)!
the snow in the yard was up to my knees!

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Aline said...

paula mentioned you had to dig out your car to get to the post office today. dug out mine yesterday and my body sure is feeling it today.