Saturday, March 15, 2008

a few of my favorite things!

well, it finally is starting to feel like spring! it has been a foggy, rainy day, and the crocuses are peeking their little sprouts out of the front lawn!

tristan and i went out for a late lunch after his chess tournament this afternoon, and we rediscovered a hidden gem downtown columbus that i nearly had forgotten about. benevolence is a wonderful little vegetarian/vegan restaurant tucked down a side street/alley near the north market, where we usually end up on a weekend when we are looking for a special lunch out! being a vegetarian for as long as i have, over ten years, i am not sure how i can temporarily forget about a veggie friendly restaurant in this city.

the food was as delicious as i remember from the last time i was there, and the decor made me feel like i was in a lodge in alaska, with long wooden tables and benches made from a vertical slice of a tree trunk, along side antique kitchen tables. i loved the natural wood framing the windows with the plants partially blocking the urban view and making me feel temporarily that i am not in the middle of downtown. i wish i had deep window sills so i could do this in my house!
after lunch, we headed over to the north market to get some jeni's ice cream, which is impossible to resist when i am anywhere near one of her shops. and eating it at the north market is always a treat, since these are 2 of my favorite things about columbus! :) i ended up getting two flavors i had never had before, and i was swooning! i had a scoop of 'lime cardamom yogurt with lingonberries' and a scoop of 'goat cheese ice cream with cognac and fig'! wow, what a combination!

as we sat eating our ice cream, tristan was looking over the railing at the vendors below us. he said, "mom, can i have a few dollars so i can go buy you something? you have to act surprised, okay?"

so he led me down to the flower stand and had me turn my back while he picked out a card and these beautiful hydrangeas! he told me i have to wait until easter to get the card.

it just about melted my heart! :) it was the sweetest thing ever!


Aline said...

That is absolutely the cutest thing ever! Tristan is the sweetest boy. I think I've almost forgotten about Benevolence too..... I think it's because it's tucked away in that little corner. I'll try to make a point next time I go downtown for lunch to go there instead of the market.

The Guy You Thought Was Rude said...

Sweet boy!

Jeni's is amazing. Somehow there is still some of the pint of Roxbury Road I bought on Friday in the freezer.