Monday, January 21, 2008

trends in mapping

Camouflage class in New York University, where men and women are preparing for jobs in the Army or in industry, New York, N.Y. They make models from aerial photographs, re-photograph them, then work out a camouflage scheme and make a final photograph (LOC
Originally uploaded by The Library of Congress

Much of my current body of artwork is inspired by or references maps in some way... literal, or just as a visual organization of information.

Anytime i find references to aerial photos or satellite images, my heart goes pitter patter... there is just *something* in seeing our daily life from above like an ant farm.

In my recent discovery of the Library of Congress' Flickr account, i found this treasure taken in 1943 by Marjory Collins.

I have a feeling that perusing this growing collection of photos is going to be a new hobby of mine along with one of my all time favorites googlesightseeing!

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