Thursday, November 15, 2007

tiny canary press!!!

I was really excited to see that Jan over at poppytalk made a post about Tiny Canary this week and my name was mentioned as one of the vendors! Thank you, Jan, for the bit of promo!

We were also featured in the Columbus Alive this week, who is also a sponsor of the event. Check out the article here.

Another sponsor of the event, Ryan Morgan of John Dawson Insurance, has been an awesome support of Tiny Canary as well as many independent businesses across the city... really an all around insightful and genuine person. His ideas about business and sponsorship are inspiring... he really explains it best in his blog post about his partnership with Tiny Canary and the lovely Amy D!

And congrats to Olivera Bratich, the owner of Wholly Craft!, who will be a vendor at Tiny Canary. She was featured in the Columbus Dispatch's 'shop talk' column today along with a event listing for Tiny Canary!

Just one more day to finish final preparations... the tables are being delivered in the morning, so we've got a big day ahead of us. Here is a sneak peak of something special for the event...

And just for fun, now that the lighting is almost complete... here is what happens when you mix a box of clip lamp reflector pans with a creative 7 year old...

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Aline said...

Yay for Tiny Canary!

I also wanted to just say how that last picture of Tristan really made me smile :)