Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lifetime Goals...Amazing Weekend

This weekend ranks up there as one of the best of my life, I am still feeling a little euphoric and overwhelmed from all the happenings!

Tiny Canary was a HUGE success with over 1500 in attendance and many sales all around. I made some new friends, met some great customers, got a lot of positive feedback, bought and traded for some amazing handmade goodies (that I will be posting later on in my blog once I have the time to take photos of all of them and once they have been received as gifts so that I don't spoil any surprises!)

On top of all that, I got home late and exhausted Saturday night and opened my mailbox to find an envelope from the publisher, Lark Books. I had almost forgotten about the application I had sent months ago, but as soon as I saw the envelope I knew what it was! I was very nervous to open it... but when I did, I soon discovered that my work had been accepted to be included in their new book '500 Pendants and Lockets' that will be released in the Summer of 2008. If you are a jewelry lover, these books are probably familiar to you...
...lovely coffee table books with full color glossy pages. I was completely floored as this is from an international pool of applicants. (I am sure Kate and Aline could sense my excitement... squealing and jumping up and down for an hour!)

The piece of mine selected is an installation of a series of over 40 pendants titled 'Inheritance'.
I have been collecting for several years now, from my friends and family, samples of soil from locations all around the world in which they have traveled, lived, or worked. Each sample is encased in a tiny glass bottle with a handmade sterling silver top containing the longitude and latitude coordinates as well as a small map of the location where it was collected. Here is an image of some of the necklaces! Now that I've been published in a book, I am one step closer to needing to find some new goals. Next on the list is to be published in Metalsmith magazine!


Kate said...

SO happy I was there with you when you got that letter!! It was nice to be a part of your joy when you opened it up and got to those words...your piece has been accepted!!! I'm so very happy for you and proud that you are my sister!! Love you!! :)

Aline said...

Anne, Jason and I are SO HAPPY and PROUD of you too! I'm so glad to have been part of such a memorable weekend :)

offbeat said...

wow! congratulations, anne! love it when talented local artists get the recognition -- international! -- and accolades they so rightfully deserve. *quite* rightly!