Monday, June 2, 2008

Photos from Philadelphia

Here was the view out the front of my tent... as we were all wondering if the severe weather warning was accurate. Moments before the thunderstorm came and the decision was made to start packing up early.

The view out the back of my tent at Art Star Craft Bazaar... we were set up in the Great Plaza at Penn's Landing... right on the Delaware River. You can see the wind and rain starting to come through.With the extra time on Saturday, I met up with a college friend from CCAD.
Here we are exploring some ruins of an unidentified building in the woods near her neighborhood.

I have always loved all the brick, stone and iron work on all the historical houses in Philadelphia. After dinner, we stopped in a little shop called Delicious on the north side of Philly... that featured an array a beautifully hand crafted clothing and jewelry, but we also had a lot of fun playing with our reflections in the crazy fun house mirrors at the back of the shop.

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