Monday, December 3, 2007

flowers, blooms, and winter blues !

Mmmm... blue, silver, white, silhouettes, plants...a few of my favorite things!
What a great surprise last night to find that my blue japanese glass cabochon necklace was top and center of this lovely blue treasury on the front page of Etsy! Stop by the shop to check out some other glass bouquet pendants!

I spent a busy night packaging up orders and rearranging furniture getting prepared for the delivery of my new love... I got a steal on an amazing sofa by Gus*, the Toronto design group, at a designer furniture store that was going out of business around the corner from my house!

After a fantastic weekend of jewelry sales at the North Market, I decided to treat myself to a new sofa, which I have been dying to get for a long time. Not expecting to be lucky enough to find anything that wasn't yet sold, I planted myself on the little Jack sofa as soon as I saw him without a red SOLD tag!
Now he is in my red living room... a perfect fit! I couldn't be happier!

the stainless steel frame matches my Bankas table perfectly...and the linen cover for the down pillows have a very subtle metallic screen print of a victorian floral pattern... so unexpected and pretty!!!


Aline said...

ooooh anne! this couch is gorgeous. can't wait for the next i come over to try it out :)

Kate said...

Yeah!! I guess I can take back your Christmas present now!! ;P It looks so pretty and comfy, can't wait to sit on it.