Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm a Blogger


Finally, I have joined the rest of the world and now have my very own blog. I am looking forward to sharing my latest creations and exciting news with you. It will be a busy busy late summer and fall so I will have many things to share!

Here is a brief summary of the hoopla that lovingly consumes no particular order!

1. - visit here to check out my website featuring a gallery of my artwork, and jewelry!

2. - Etsy! YAY! I heart etsy!!! You can purchase my handmade silver jewelry online!

3. - more Etsy! Double YAY! You can check out and purchase my growing collection of vintage goods (patterns, scarves, kitchen items, crafty items, jewelry) and all the extra crafting/jewelry supplies that I desperately need to share with others who will use them before I do!

4. - Myself and Aline are organizing Tiny Canary Indie Design Market (November 17-18, 2007). The website will launch shortly, as soon as I finish it all... more details available soon!

5. - The artist collective I am involved with is again hosting a large community oriented art, music, and performance event at Junctionview Studios October 13. The site will soon be updated with more information. We just had an open community planning meeting yesterday where we presented our ideas to the artists in the studio as well as other generous community members who sat through a humid afternoon to do some brainstorming for the event... the exponential growth of the event has led to the evolution of the possibilities available to us and a lot more logistical details that need to be worked out. So far though, I have a really good feeling about the progress so far!

6. - This is the three person graphic design company that I work for. We just got word that our installation and design we did for Elle Decor's Dining by Design was featured in an interior design publication. More on that as soon as I have the details!

Well... that is probably enough for this first blog entry, more fun to come shortly!

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